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Using Technology to Recreate Your Living Space

Smart Home Devices have been some of the best inventions in the tech world. The new devices boast smarter and better tech, are more efficient and add more comfort to your lifestyle. If you’re looking to completely revamp your living space and add that extra automated touch to it at the same time, then you’re in luck because do we have some smart home devices listed down for you!

Not only will these devices add that extra oomph to your living space, but they’ll also make your everyday routine more streamlined and stress-free. Whether you’re moving into your new apartment solo or a family with kids, these devices can surely make a difference in how you live your life daily. Regardless of if you’re looking to make a more budget-friendly purchase, or you don’t mind going all out with the expenses, there are options for everyone on the market! Even the smallest addition can make all the difference – anything from smart voice assistants to smart plugs, and smart kitchen appliances too.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is an essential feature for all homes, but what if you make it smart? It adds that extra automation feature along with so many more cool features. Whether it’s alternating between the colors of your Smart LED bulbs or increasing and decreasing the brightness of the light, the ambience that they add to every setting is amazing. Let’s just say, you’ll love movie nights at home even more now that you can make your living room feel like a cinema!

Smart lighting won’t just light up and add to your rooms but will also be a great asset when used for security and safety purposes as well. With smart bulbs or smart floodlights, users can configure additional motion sensors. When connected to a motion sensor, your smart light will automatically light up to alert users and scare away an intruder. If you’re living with children or elderly individuals, motion sensor lighting in the stairwell or corridor to the bathroom would be super helpful too.

Smart Blinds

Here’s a sort of blinds buying guide for you. Smart blinds are expensive, so you need to choose a blind that’s the right fit for you! Most smart blinds will have one feature and not the other. For instance, if you prefer an easy installation process, some smart blind motors can easily install and fit into your existing curtains, but they might not have the retraction style that you may like or may have limited pattern options. On the other hand, some blinds have a more complex installation process but more variety in features and patterns. So, if you’re looking to buy a smart blind, it’s essential that you do your homework on the kind of features you would prefer to have, and what you’re willing to let go of to get the best option for the best price.

Voice Assistants

What would a smart home be without a smart voice assistant? Well, all the less smart than you would expect. Although smart devices always feature their own associated mobile applications to access the devices, voice assistants on the other hand provide homeowners with seamless interconnectivity with their other smart home devices and voice enabled control with almost every device – whether it is a smart bulb or a smart plug.

Both the global top contenders, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant provide seamless connectivity and control to homeowners through simple voice commands, even if it’s turning on a light bulb, unlocking a door, or simply adjusting the temperature of the thermostat.

With the ‘Routines’ feature that comes with the Google Assistant, you can easily integrate multiple devices to perform multiple functions with just one voice command. For instance, by saying “Good Night, Google,” you can configure your voice assistant to set your preferred nighttime temperature on your smart thermostat, lock the front door that has the smart lock installed and turn on the outside lighting that have smart bulbs installed.

Both voice assistants can be an impressive and valuable feature to your home, and other than just allowing for voice-enabled control over other smart devices, these voice assistants themselves act as virtual assistants for your home. They can take down verbal reminders, set up a calendar and even read out your text messages and emails for you! There’s a lot they can do, and regardless of whether you have other smart devices around or not, they come in very handy!

Smart Plugs

With smart plugs, almost every electrical device or appliance that you plug in can become smart. With a simple voice command, or the tap of a button on your smartphone you can easily control your connected devices and turn the plug on or off. Plugged in a hair dryer or a curling iron and forgot to turn it off on your way out? Well, you just have to open the smartphone application and turn it off, easy!

 Additionally, smart plugs can also include USB ports, so you won’t have trouble charging your smartphones if you can’t find the adapter to attach the charging cable to. Not only will they add to your comfort, but they’ll also add to the look of your house; who needs to display junky plugs and have extension cords all around their home?

There are of course so many smart home devices out there that would fit in great into your home, and be as useful as the ones mentioned above. Should you wish to find any of the above-listed devices, or even more, head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com and browse through their smart home catalog.

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