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Dark Fiber – Everything you should know about the fiber and its benefits

Many of our new clients who are rapidly growing their Data Centers and Business Operations often ask us, What is Dark Fiber? Dark Fiber refers to unlit or “Dark” Fiber-optic cables which are installed but not currently in use. These fiber-optic cables may have been installed by another company in the past but never put to use. These unused fiber-optic cables present a phenomenal opportunity for businesses who are looking for high-speed, unrestricted, and unlimited dedicated internet access.

In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of Dark Fiber Network Solutions!

How does Dark Fiber work?

Dark Fiber is either purchased or leased from a telecom provider or network owner. Dark Fiber is different from ethernet or lit-fiber service in that you have to purchase the Dark Fiber, then deploy and manage the Dark Fiber equipment.

What are the benefits of Dark Fiber?

  1. Dark Fiber provides organizations with full control of their IT Infrastructure.

With Dark Fiber organizations can manage capacity and scaling as required since Fiber-optic internet service is only limited by the speed of light. Dark Fiber offers improved resilience and security as businesses aren’t sharing their internet connection with other companies, like they are with Best Effort Internet Access. Voip Consulting Services In Usa Dark Fiber internet access is great for organizations who are dealing with sensitive data and need real-time updates like financial services firms, healthcare organizations, large retail conglomerates, and many more. The limitless capacity of Dark Fiber means businesses can future proof themselves against the need for greater bandwidth. Businesses only have to worry about maintaining and upgrading their IT Infrastructure as needed and required.

  1. Dark Fiber provides Unlimited Scale

Dark Fiber is expensive; however, the costs are justified by the unlimited scalability Dark Fiber provides organizations. While pre-existing fiber is just as fast as Dark Fiber, organizations must abide by the limitations provided by telecom providers and their networks. Most of the Dark Fiber available today was installed through civil engineering projects that required laying the fiber along specific routes. The unlimited bandwidth and capacity Dark Fiber provides justifies the cost for many businesses since they don’t have to pay to scale up their internet service. For example, businesses that have seasonal spikes in internet speed requirements will always have the capacity they require on-demand with Dark Fiber allowing them to increase and decrease their internet speeds without having to speak or negotiate with an internet service provider.

Overall, Dark Fiber is very beneficial to the businesses who need this level of service. Dark Fiber is not a one-size fits all and The Voip Phone System For Small Business Guru can work with you to identify if Dark Fiber will be a strategic business driver for your organizati­on. Along with helping you implement a Dark Fiber internet system, we can help you deploy a Contact Center System Online, other types of Dedicated Fiber Internet Access, and much more. Lastly, if you’d like help answering questions like “How To Cancel Broadview Phone Service” or “How To Cancel MiTel Phone Service” we’d be happy to help!

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